Recent Presentations

Giuliani, M., J.R. Lamontagne, M.I. Hejazi, P.M. Reed, and A. Castelletti (2022), Unintended Consequences of Climate Change Mitigation for African River Basins, in AGU Fall Meeting (invited), 12 December – SLIDES

Giuliani, M. (2021), Putting humans in the loop: coupling behavioral modeling with natural systems’ models, Hydrological Sciences Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award Lecture, EGU General Assembly 2021, 22 April – SLIDES

Giuliani, M., M. Zaniolo, A. Castelletti, G. Davoli, and P. Block (2020), Can Artificial Intelligence improve seasonal forecasts and inform reservoir operations?, in Climate Risk: implications for ecosystem services and society, challenges, solutions (ClimRisk2020), 21-23 October – SLIDES