• M3O: Multi-Objective Optimal Operations of multipurpose water reservoir systems: Matlab toolbox for designing the optimal daily operations of multipurpose water reservoir systems through several state-of-the-art methods. Version 1.0 of the toolbox includes Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamic Programming, Implicit Stochastic Optimization, Sampling Stochastic Dynamic Programming, Fitted Q-Iteration, Evolutionary Multi-Objective Direct Policy Search, Model Predictive Control.
  • HBV rainfall-runoff model: C++ model implementation, Java interface for calibration with MOEA Framework, model tutorial (implemented in collaboration with Jon Herman).
  • Climate Scenario Analysis Toolbox: collection of Matlab function for processing and analyzing climate change scenarios, including the implementation of the Quantile-Quantile Mapping method to perform statistical downscaling (implemented in collaboration with Yu Li and Daniela Anghileri).
  • Iterative Input Selection algorithm: MatLab implementation of the IIS algorithm relying on Extremely Randomized Trees. The same algorithm with a C-library implementing the Extremely Randomized Trees is available here (implemented in collaboration with Stefano Galelli, Riccardo Taormina, Ahmad Alsahaf).
  • Sparse Principal Component Analysis: Matlab toolbox comprising 8 formulations of SPCA using Alternating Maximization (implemented in collaboration with Ahmad Alsahaf and Stefano Galelli).
  • Matlab functions: collection of some Matlab functions implemented by myself during my research activities.